Monday, October 29, 2012

How to Help with Hurricane Sandy

Written by Anita Foster, Chief Communications Officer, American Red Cross-North Texas Region 
Even though North Texans are miles from the wind and rain, there are still three important action steps that local residents can take to help those impacted:

1. Give Blood. Residents in the impact zone will not be able to donate blood for the next few weeks as they'll be focused on disaster recovery. North Texans can do our part to help by ensuring we keep the nationwide blood supply stocked. To make a blood donor appointment, call 1-800-RED CROSS or visit

2. Make a Financial Gift. Mobilizing for a relief operation of this size is costly, but necessary. The Red Cross has already spent millions of dollars getting ready, and we'll spend millions more after landfall. North Texans can text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10, click on or call 1-800-RED CROSS to make a much-needed financial donation.

3. Download the Hurricane App: This free application from the Red Cross will allow someone to receive alerts and track friends and family in the impact zone. The App is available for the iPhone and Android.

Once Hurricane Sandy makes landfall, the American Red Cross will have a better idea of how many people are directly impacted and what additional resources will be needed for relief efforts.

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